(The picture is from the movie, The Strangers)

To me, an unstranger is someone who is no longer unfamiliar to you. Because a stranger is someone who you do not know, you can make someone an unstranger by getting to know them.

The point of the creation of Unstrangers was for me to interact more with the world that I live in. I do not want to live under a social rock, I want to touch people’s lives, even in the smallest ways, like a short heart-to-heart. This blog is a way for me to make new friends, even if the friendship only lasts until the conversation is over. I feel like in the present day world it’s to easy to interact with people from everywhere just because of our technology, yet in person, nobody really reaches out to be a friend for a stranger. We so often keep to ourselves and I want to change that. I want to make new friends everywhere I go simply by asking strangers some questions and getting answers in exchange. And in that moment of time, that stranger is not really a stranger anymore, they are an unstranger.