So a while ago, my class had a discussion about why, in the book Oedipus, Iocaste committed suicide. And the discussion really kind of struck a note for me. Maybe it was because I was already upset and moody that day, or just tired, so I was thinking negative thoughts about life, but when I had returned home from school I kept wondering, “when is too much, too much?”

Everybody has their own troubles and already too much on their plate but when is the breaking point? What makes people feel as though they cannot go on? We talked in class and we decided that Iocaste could not handle. She could not handle the extreme sadness that came after finding out the truth about her husband. So it really got me thinking, how far can life push a person until they cannot handle what has been given to them?

ImageSure, when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade but can you find the strength to? Can you dig deep and get passed the fact that lemons can sting your hands if you have already been hurt? How can you truly know your rock bottom without reaching it? And can you come back from it? Iocaste couldn’t but I hope that one day when I hit my rock bottom, I can rise from it (like the Dark Knight).