First off, I would like to apologize if this post does not really make sense in some parts of it, it is currently two in the morning and I’ve been up for too many hours.

So I’m starting to question what the content of my blog should be, I thought I knew, but now I know I don’t. I know eventually I want to incorporate strangers that I meet, but until I am able to figure out what I actually want; I don’t really know. As for now, the unstranger is me, you guys, my audience, are “unstrangering” me.


Did you guys notice how I said that I thought I knew, but now I know that I didn’t know? (This is me trying to segway myself into the next topic, just roll with it) Well, I watched a little clip of Donald Rumsfeld talking about life’s unknown unknowns. And that kinda got me thinking about all the things we don’t know we don’t know. It’s a mind boggling idea that I kind of sort of can’t get my head around. As a human being I like to have some knowledge and so it bugs the heck out of me that there are things I don’t know that I don’t know. It’s the fear of the unknown that scares me so my question is, how do you prepare yourself for the things that are unknown to you? It’s as if you are in a dark room but you don’t know you’re in a dark room because your eyes are closed, so you don’t know what to not to expect.

These are thoughts coming from a very sleepy Lindsay.