What are your’s?

Everybody knows this, everybody has secrets. But I want to separate the secrets into two groups: the ones we keep, and the one we tell. In class, we’re currently reading A Tale of Two Cities, and in the book, there’s this character, Mr.Lorry. He’s a “man of business”, professional, reaction-less (if that’s even a word). Or at least that’s what we’re told he is by Mr. Lorry himself, but it’s not exactly what his eyes and actions really tell us. ┬áHis eyes are full of life and brightness and passion and his actions, (crying is probably the biggest giveaway) are full of emotion. But he’s learned to contain himself because of his job, he’s a banker. That’s his secret that he keeps from the bank, that he’s a human, he has emotions and he’s not a robot. But he’s learned to suppress his emotions in order to be a man of business.

So, back to what I was saying, like Mr.Lorry, everybody has their secrets that they choose to suppress. But what I want to know is how we choose the ones we keep and the ones we tell. And why? I do it, I know I do. But why?

-Thoughts of a very sleepy Lindsay