One of the biggest reasons as to why I had gotten contacts for my eyes was that one of the few things that my first date had said to me was:

“Uh, Lindsay? Your glasses are uh, squishing my face and it hurts”

He had said that as I was leaning into him, trying to be all cute and what-not. Embarrassed and not really knowing what to do, I just took my glasses off. It’s safe to say that I didn’t really enjoy or could see the movie we were watching after that.

In class, my teacher likes to sometimes teach us some useful life lessons, and on a particular day, he decided to talk about first dates. He first had just write about ours (or if we did not have one yet, what we wanted in a first date). After writing about my “fantastic” little first date as stated above, I realized something; I’m not a fan of first dates. Yes, they can be lots of fun, but for someone that’s accident-prone and awkward, they are only fun if you have someone not so accident prone and awkward.

I remember in Wizards of Waverly Place (throwing it back a little bit), in one of the episodes, Alex Russo said something about hating first dates, and now I see where she’s coming from. It will be a miracle the day I go on a first date that does not turn a little awkward sometimes. I don’t know, maybe some day I can find somebody that is a smoother talker than I am that will change my mind about first dates.

-Thoughts of a very sleepy Lindsay