(If you know where the title is from, I like you)


Kanye’s ego is about as big as the Sun

“Who do you think you is,” was what I first thought when Stryver publicly announced his intent to marry Lucie in the Tale Of Two Cities. Without asking anyone, not even her father. Excuse my thuggery, but that man has an ego so large it would rival Kanye “Yeezus” West’s. The fact that Stryver already knew that Lucie would say yes, the fact that he already knew that he had a chance angers me. The nerve of the guy, I can honestly compare him to Kanye (except I actually like Kanye). Stryver’s arrogance blinds him from seeing that hey, maybe, Lucie might not say yes. I wish I could inject some modesty into him.


Now I do not really know where I’m going with this  (like the majority of my blog posts) but I guess my point is, to be a balanced well being, you gotta have some humility. In the end, Stryver does not marry Lucie, and I’m so glad he doesn’t, but he does not even learn his lesson. He wasn’t even phased about the fact that she did not want to wed him, he brushed it off. He is so confident in himself that Stryver just calls her foolish.

So lesson of the day boys, if you want the girl, first, don’t be self-absorbed, and secondly, make sure she actually likes you (which you would do, if you aren’t arrogant)

– (sort of) life lessons from a very sleepy Lindsay