image“God bless you for your sweet compassion!”

If you guys remember from a few posts ago, I talked about how we are currently reading A Tale of Two Cities in my english class. Well let me be honest, before reading chapter 13 of Book the Second, I really did not enjoy what I was reading. However, Chapter 13 brought me to tears. That explains the splotches of water on the last paragraph. There has only been a few books that have given me tears in my eyes and those books I was completely in love with the story line. I had no connection with A Tale of Two Cities but man, The Fellow of No Delicacy got to me.

While reading, I felt my heart breaking for Sydney Carton. He truly, truly loves Lucie Manette. And I could really feel how much he loved her in the last paragraph, where I sort of just broke down. One day I want to find someone like Sydney Carton, or at least this side of him. And if I am unable to find someone like him, then I want to be like him.

I  want to be someone that loves another so much, I’m willing to let them go. We all know that love is selfish, when you love someone you want them all to yourself, but Sydney Carton’s affection is selfless, if Lucie was happy with someone else, then Carton would let her be with someone else because he loves her that much. I remember talking to my mother about true love. And not just the kind that is between to significant others, but also the kind that is between family members. She said that one can tell if a child’s love is true when their parents are hurting, physically or mentally is does not matter, but the only thing that the child wishes for is for that pain to be given to them instead of their parents. Because having that same pain inflicted upon themselves is far less painful than if it was to be put on someone they love. Because watching the one that love be put through pain hurts them so much more. That’s the kind of selfless love I want to have for others, and the kind of selfless love I want and hope to receive.

-Thoughts of a very sleepy Lindsay