So this week in class, we’re focused on comedy, and we’ve been watching Galaxy Quest (which I actually do enjoy) but the day before  we started watching the film, we mostly talked about comedy, and as a class we talked about some certain points like why we like to laugh. And it got me thinking, why do we as human beings like to laugh? Why do we crave that little chuckle we get out of seeing something funny?

For me, I see humor as a short distraction, that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why I like to watch movies and read books so much. They are distractions from the real world. When I see something funny, whatever it may be, for those few seconds, minutes, or hours it distracts me from having to deal with the bad things in life (as corny as that may sound). Those moments as I laugh, I forget about everything bad and all I think about is how funny something is. I think that’s why I like to laugh so much. Humor and laughing creates a short trip to Happyville for me. I think that’s why a lot of people like to laugh.

(Click me) (A one-hit wonder vine I made a while back) (I’m practically a professional comedian) (I hope you guys know I’m kidding) (To be honest though, it’s only funny if you’ve seen Duck Dynasty)

Now I don’t know the psychology behind why we like to laugh, but for me, it’s just an escape route. If you guys look all over the internet, there’s so many things out there made for us to laugh. We have websites focused just around making people laugh, a comedians only goal is to literally make people laugh, MEMES ARE A THING. People love to laugh! People like to be happy (I’m pretty sure now I’m just stating the obvious, but just roll with it). People can bond and socialize when they’re laughing. For me and I think for a lot of other people, laughter is a way to say “Hey, maybe not everything in this world is dark and sad”. That’s why I think we crave laughter.

-Thoughts of a very sleepy Lindsay