“Even more than she loved herself”

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but a while back in one of my posts I talked about having an innovation project that fulfills a certain need. Well my friend and I have finally figured out what we’ve wanted to do and we’ve titled it The Giving Tree. Yes, the name is inspired by the book written by Shel Silverstein but the only other thing that our project has in common with the book is that (hopefully) we can make someone happy with what we provide.

So this week in class, we’re preparing for our finals next week and my English teacher is not giving us one (best english teacher ever), instead we have to give a report on our blog and also on how far we are into our innovation project. That’s where my inner Lindsay was kicking my Procrastination Lindsay’s buttocks because we should have started to prepare our project sooner, but hey I’ve been busy (sort of) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

1010631_709735152392907_813943226_nPlanting our seed

So back to the project, my friend, Lucy, and I are planning to attach a bunch of different colored envelopes to a tree somewhere crowded, like a beach or park or even an outdoor mall. Inside some of the enveloped we’re going to have little uplifting quotes and in some enveloped there will just be an empty piece of paper (the color of the envelope coordinates with what type of content is has in it). For the quotes, you can choose to just read it and put it back, or write something down below the quote for the next person who opens it can read it. For the empty ones, you can write down your problems and leave them behind there, or you can write something positive for someone to read. And if you write down your problems, maybe someone will find your problem and reply to you.

At the end of our little events (which will last for a few hours) we’ll take down all the envelopes and take some pictures of things that people have written down and some of the replies and post them on our social network sites. The whole point of our project is to brighten up somebody’s, anybody’s, day. That is the need Lucy and I are trying to fulfill.

– Innovation ideas from a very sleepy Lindsay (with the help of her friend)

P.S. If you guys would like to keep up with us and see how we’re doing on this project these are all the ways to can contact us: