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So finals week is upon us here at my school and in my English teacher decided not to give us a final (THANK YOU MR.T). Instead, he decided to have everyone share and talk about both their innovations projects and blogs. While people went up to present their blogs (we did blogs first then projects), I  couldn’t help but get a little jealous over how successful some of the blogs were. And of course I understand that, it’s normal to get a little jealous, but then I started to compare my own blog to theirs, which is where I stopped myself; Why should I compare the success of two completely different people? The only thing that did for me was make me a little bummed out.

So my point is, why do people have such a tendency to compare themselves to others to make themselves feel better or worse? I know I’ve done it, and I continue to do it all the time. Sometimes I’ll compare myself to others that are worse off, like sometimes when kids that I know are smarter than me get a lower grade than I do, it makes me happy. BUT THEN I FEEL SO BAD FOR BEING HAPPY ABOUT THEIR FAILURE. But why does it make me happy is my question. And other times I’ll compare myself to people that are better off, like the kids in my english class with blogs that are far more popular than mine, and then I just make myself sad. Why do I do that to myself? Or if there’s a girl that I think is a lot prettier than me, why? All that does is bum me out and the worst part is, is that I know it’s wrong to physically compare myself to another girl that looks nothing like me.

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I really wish that everyone, including myself, had that mind set of comparing yourself to YOURSELF not to anyone else. People would be so much happier when they try to be the best version of themselves and not of someone else.

-Thoughts (+ one wish) of a very sleepy lindsay