So in class this week, my teacher showed us this video:

And as a class, we discussed the struggles that we’ve gone through with our innovation projects (which I have a post about mine called Not The Book) and how we have learned to overcome them. I thought about my innovation project and also my blog, after watching the video, just because both, haven’t exactly turned out the way I would like it to. But have sort of fallen short of what I would like them to be. Of course I am still working on both of them, and I know have to go through trial and error (especially with the innovation project) but still, I wish both could’ve work out the way I wanted them to from the start.

One weekend, my friend Lucy and I went out to set up our Giving Tree project. We quickly found out how hard it actually was to do. We drove around and walked around a park for probably an hour trying to find the right tree, which we sort-of-not-really found. And then when we tried to hang our envelopes with the notes on it, it became a real struggle trying to get the string attached to the envelope on the branches that were way above our heads. We even tried to attach something to the string to toss it over, and we broke an entire branch off the tree.

Let me repeat myself, an entire branchLike the length of an average man kinda branch.

So about an hour later we got two envelopes on the tree. And I was done with getting all of these funky looks from people due to the fact that both Lucy and I would let out these loud cries and (some pretty rad looking, I might add) gesticulations of frustration every now and then. We were just struggling like no other.

So we gave up and just got ice cream and hung out the the rest of the afternoon. After watching The Gap in class. It gave me a boost to try again. Because that’s where Lucy and I were, we were in the gap. I’ve been really wanting to go back out there and go tree hunting and  hopefully having a successful run-through of our project. Because I know once we get the hang of it, it’s going to be great, I have so much hope and faith in this project that I won’t allow it to stink. Hopefully, we can get through this gap of ‘it sucked so I’m gonna procrastinate and be sad about it”. I just really really really want this project to work out.

– Frustrations/struggles(with a sprinkle of new hope) of a very sleepy lindsay