So in my class this week, the week of LuUuUuUuUuUv, my teacher has decided to give us another one of his life lessons. This one, was about Valentine’s Day (obviously). 

Just a heads up, this post is sort of negative-ish, rant-like and sad so I decided to put in some Valentine’s day cards to hopefully lift your spirit a little.

The first thing my teacher asked the class before he started his life lesson was what we hated and liked about Valentines’ day. And I talked about how I don’t like how people have lost the true meaning of it (which can be said about any holiday) but what I do like about it is how it can be just a day of love, like literally, as corny as it sounds, you can see it everywhere.


The thing about Valentine’s day is that it has become so distorted in some people’s minds. I remember as an elementary schooler, when I still thought it was “Valentime’s” Day, I never cared about all the little punny cards I got, I just wanted the candy  or sticker tattoo that came with it. And of course it was always nice to receive cute little treats like that, but I wish someone would’ve told me the point of Valentine’s day is to show some lovin’ to the people you care about. I really just thought of it as a day that I got stuff associated with hearts from my classmates.



And now that I’m older and know what the holiday is actually about, it makes me sad to see all these middle aged married men and women at random some store buying gifts for their lovers as a chore. When did it become such a hassle to show your affection? Valentine’s Day should be an easy holiday for people. Of course you don’t want to give your significant other a cruddy gift, but gifts shouldn’t be as important as they are when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Or any holiday for that matter. I dislike that gifts have become such a big deal, the core of Valentine’s day and any other gift bearing holiday has been altered in our culture. It’s become so much more materialistic than it used to be. And the worst part is, is that I realize this myself and yet I feel the same way about gifts. I try not to get upset if I get a gift that I don’t like because I always try to think of the thought, but still, sometimes I’ll get a little annoyed.

sleep 1

-Thoughts of a very sleepy lindsay