If you guys recognize the blog post title, then I like you. If you recognize the blog post title specifically from Guitar Hero III, then I like you x2.

So as we’ve gotten deeper and deeper into All Quiet in the Western Front in my class, one of the things that has stood out to me is how Paul, the main character feels about his and his comrades age and maturity level. Though they’re still young, their mind’s age is so old because of all they’ve been through. What should have been their last years of youth were spent in the war, which forced them to become men.




One of the saddest parts of All Quiet is the fact that Paul and his brothers lost their innocence so quickly and in such a distressing way. While reading, it just reminds me of my friends that I’ve seen slowly change over the years due to the struggles in their life. When you see someone go through a hard time in their life, you see them age in front of you. And there’s nothing you can do but stand by and help just by being there.

That’s kinda what I thought about while reading. It’s like all the civilians just stood and watched sympathetically as Paul and all the other soldiers go through war and have to face death. But the outsiders never really understand, they can try, but they never really know what’s going on in the struggler’s head.

It’s late, I’m wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to take this post, I just sort of felt like posting, so I apologize if it doesn’t really make a whole bunch of sense.

-Thoughts of a very sleepy linds