*Cue the yodeling*

So this week during class we’ve started to watch Raising Arizona, which is one of my teacher’s favorite movies, and I can see why.


I’m usually not a Nicholas Cage fan besides a few of his movies, and before class, I had never heard of Raising Arizona, so I really was not expecting much, but man I was wrong to think that. I genuinely really like it! I don’t know, something about the story line captivated me. Either that or the fact that the babies in this movie were ADORABLE.

So pretty much the story line is there is a oddly paired couple, a not-so-bad criminal, H.I., and an officer, Edwina or just Ed, and they want a child, but they luck is not on their side and they cannot have one. So what would any logical person do? Steal a baby of course!


And pretty much the rest of the movie is them facing the consequences and challenges of ya know, kidnapping. This movie really made me feel for Ed. I think that her character was probably who got me hooked on the whole movie.

Just seeing the looks that Holly Hunter (who plays Ed) gives during certain scenes made my heart break. As funny and nonsensical as some of the film is, there’s just something about the movie that makes me sad. Sometimes in the movie, Ed has this crazy look in her eyes full of just desperation and sadness. And I don’t know, I connected with her, I’m not sure where I’ve seen it, but I’ve seen that look of want and longing somewhere. Maybe it’s been in myself, or in my mother, or the people I’ve met, but there was something so strong in that look.

I don’t really know how to describe this sorta look, but it’s just sadness. It’s that look that you see kids give when they a truly, truly upset about something, not that look they get when they’re about to throw a tantrum, but when they find out their favorite aunt is moving away. Or the look that people get when they give up something they never thought they were going to lose. I don’t really know where I’m going with this, I guess I just wanted to talk about this look.

– Ramblings of a very sleepy lindsay