So this week in class, we’re focused on comedy, and we’ve been watching Galaxy Quest (which I actually do enjoy) but the day before  we started watching the film, we mostly talked about comedy, and as a class we talked about some certain points like why we like to laugh. And it got me thinking, why do we as human beings like to laugh? Why do we crave that little chuckle we get out of seeing something funny?

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“Kid, you’ll move mountains”

So today in English class, we talked about what we did over break, we were asked to write about it. And so I did. And I realized, wow, I really didn’t do much but “recover” from school. As I was writing about it, I was thinking of all the days that I’ve ever spent inside the house, on my computer or whatever else. There’s been so many days that I’ve wasted, just laying around being lazy when I could’ve done something.

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image“God bless you for your sweet compassion!”

If you guys remember from a few posts ago, I talked about how we are currently reading A Tale of Two Cities in my english class. Well let me be honest, before reading chapter 13 of Book the Second, I really did not enjoy what I was reading. However, Chapter 13 brought me to tears. That explains the splotches of water on the last paragraph. There has only been a few books that have given me tears in my eyes and those books I was completely in love with the story line. I had no connection with A Tale of Two Cities but man, The Fellow of No Delicacy got to me.

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(If you know where the title is from, I like you)


Kanye’s ego is about as big as the Sun

“Who do you think you is,” was what I first thought when Stryver publicly announced his intent to marry Lucie in the Tale Of Two Cities. Without asking anyone, not even her father. Excuse my thuggery, but that man has an ego so large it would rival Kanye “Yeezus” West’s. The fact that Stryver already knew that Lucie would say yes, the fact that he already knew that he had a chance angers me. The nerve of the guy, I can honestly compare him to Kanye (except I actually like Kanye). Stryver’s arrogance blinds him from seeing that hey, maybe, Lucie might not say yes. I wish I could inject some modesty into him.


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One of the biggest reasons as to why I had gotten contacts for my eyes was that one of the few things that my first date had said to me was:

“Uh, Lindsay? Your glasses are uh, squishing my face and it hurts”

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What are your’s?

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What do you really want? What do you need?

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First off, I would like to apologize if this post does not really make sense in some parts of it, it is currently two in the morning and I’ve been up for too many hours.

So I’m starting to question what the content of my blog should be, I thought I knew, but now I know I don’t. I know eventually I want to incorporate strangers that I meet, but until I am able to figure out what I actually want; I don’t really know. As for now, the unstranger is me, you guys, my audience, are “unstrangering” me.


Did you guys notice how I said that I thought I knew, but now I know that I didn’t know? (This is me trying to segway myself into the next topic, just roll with it) Well, I watched a little clip of Donald Rumsfeld talking about life’s unknown unknowns. And that kinda got me thinking about all the things we don’t know we don’t know. It’s a mind boggling idea that I kind of sort of can’t get my head around. As a human being I like to have some knowledge and so it bugs the heck out of me that there are things I don’t know that I don’t know. It’s the fear of the unknown that scares me so my question is, how do you prepare yourself for the things that are unknown to you? It’s as if you are in a dark room but you don’t know you’re in a dark room because your eyes are closed, so you don’t know what to not to expect.

These are thoughts coming from a very sleepy Lindsay.

So a while ago, my class had a discussion about why, in the book Oedipus, Iocaste committed suicide. And the discussion really kind of struck a note for me. Maybe it was because I was already upset and moody that day, or just tired, so I was thinking negative thoughts about life, but when I had returned home from school I kept wondering, “when is too much, too much?”

Everybody has their own troubles and already too much on their plate but when is the breaking point? What makes people feel as though they cannot go on? We talked in class and we decided that Iocaste could not handle. She could not handle the extreme sadness that came after finding out the truth about her husband. So it really got me thinking, how far can life push a person until they cannot handle what has been given to them?

ImageSure, when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade but can you find the strength to? Can you dig deep and get passed the fact that lemons can sting your hands if you have already been hurt? How can you truly know your rock bottom without reaching it? And can you come back from it? Iocaste couldn’t but I hope that one day when I hit my rock bottom, I can rise from it (like the Dark Knight).


(The picture is from the movie, The Strangers)

To me, an unstranger is someone who is no longer unfamiliar to you. Because a stranger is someone who you do not know, you can make someone an unstranger by getting to know them.

The point of the creation of Unstrangers was for me to interact more with the world that I live in. I do not want to live under a social rock, I want to touch people’s lives, even in the smallest ways, like a short heart-to-heart. This blog is a way for me to make new friends, even if the friendship only lasts until the conversation is over. I feel like in the present day world it’s to easy to interact with people from everywhere just because of our technology, yet in person, nobody really reaches out to be a friend for a stranger. We so often keep to ourselves and I want to change that. I want to make new friends everywhere I go simply by asking strangers some questions and getting answers in exchange. And in that moment of time, that stranger is not really a stranger anymore, they are an unstranger.