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So in my class this week, the week of LuUuUuUuUuUv, my teacher has decided to give us another one of his life lessons. This one, was about Valentine’s Day (obviously). 

Just a heads up, this post is sort of negative-ish, rant-like and sad so I decided to put in some Valentine’s day cards to hopefully lift your spirit a little.

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image“God bless you for your sweet compassion!”

If you guys remember from a few posts ago, I talked about how we are currently reading A Tale of Two Cities in my english class. Well let me be honest, before reading chapter 13 of Book the Second, I really did not enjoy what I was reading. However, Chapter 13 brought me to tears. That explains the splotches of water on the last paragraph. There has only been a few books that have given me tears in my eyes and those books I was completely in love with the story line. I had no connection with A Tale of Two Cities but man, The Fellow of No Delicacy got to me.

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One of the biggest reasons as to why I had gotten contacts for my eyes was that one of the few things that my first date had said to me was:

“Uh, Lindsay? Your glasses are uh, squishing my face and it hurts”

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